Wednesday, November 7, 2007

new Gmail UI breaks libgmailer's contact features

I've reported the bug on libgmailer's sourceforge forums, but I figure it's good to post it here too.
To get the good old libgmailer-compatible UI, you have to specify "ui=1".

I'll be rolling out updates for iPhoto2Gmail and Aperture2Gmail soon, either with my own patch or the official libgmailer patch.

Lines 1471-1484 in the fetchBox() function in libgmailer-0.9.0-beta-8 can be patched like so:

$q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=a";
elseif (strtolower($box) == "search") // Added by Neerav; 15 June 2005
$q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=s&q=".rawurlencode($parameter);
elseif (strtolower($box) == "detail") // Added by Neerav; 1 July 2005
$q = "ui=1&search=contacts&ct_id=".$parameter."&cvm=2&view=ct".$this->proxy_defeat();
elseif (strtolower($box) == "group_detail") // Added by Neerav; 6 Jan 2006
$q = "ui=1&search=contacts&ct_id=".$parameter."&cvm=1&view=ctl".$this->proxy_defeat();
elseif (strtolower($box) == "group")
$q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=l";
else // frequently mailed
$q = "ui=1&view=cl&search=contacts&pnl=p";
$q = "ui=1&search=inbox&view=tl&start=0&init=1";

Or as libgmailer forum user sardion points out:

Line 1476 of libgmailer.php


Update: Neerav's latest CVS version (as of Fri Nov 9 03:32:52 2007 UTC) solves the contacts problem and also fixes the sending problems in Leopard. I hope to release new versions of the plugins this weekend.

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  1. Wow, that worked first try. Thanks for finding this bug for me!